Sunday, August 13, 2017

Featured Boutique: Boston Street Boutique

"This is the 5th+ time I've bought one of these as a gift. I just love them! Thanks!"
"This treasure chest is awesome! The quality is great and having it personalized was a nice touch. It shipped quickly and arrived perfectly packaged. Can't wait to give this as a gift!"
"The box came out absolutely perfect !! Thank you for your quick turn around time and attention to detail☺️! Love it !!" 
Personalized Keepsake Box
This sweet Personalized Keepsake Box comes in
four sizes and 15 different stains!
The glowing reviews for this incredible Etsy boutique keep on coming (756 more times, to be exact)! So who is this boutique, loved by so many? It's Boston Street Boutique! Come along and find out about this amazing little rustic shop, and the awesome lady behind it.

(Stay tuned for a Coupon to her shop, too!)

Letters to the Bride Box
A Letters to the Bride Box -
Isn't this such a great idea?
Business Name: Boston Street Boutique

Business Owners:
Jenny - designer, creator, wood burner, stainer, painter, customer service;
Hubby Chad - "man behind the saw"

Date Business Opened: 2010


What Do You Sell?

My boutique specializes in creating hand burned, timeless treasures that are unique to individuals, and sure to excite as gifts. From favor tags and wine charms, cake stands and centerpieces, to beautifully personalized keepsake boxes; you will certainly find the perfect gift for yourself, favorite engaged couple, newlyweds, best friend, or sweet little baby.

Rustic Keepsake Box
Customizable Rustic Keepsake Box -
One of Jenny's favorite pieces in her shop.
This one was created for one of her adorable little ones,
also a Sadie Bloom customer! ❤

How did your shop come about? Any specific inspiration?

In 2008, my husband and I were trying to come up with a wedding favor that would be both meaningful, and useful to our guests. We found small wooden boxes and decided to wood burn each person’s first initial on individual boxes. They were a hit! About a year later, a friend was having her first baby, so I engraved her baby’s initials on a large trunk. I started receiving requests from friends and friends of friends, and started to explore the possibility of selling on Etsy.

Do you have any particular rituals when you create?

I currently do all my wood burning in our kitchen! However, my husband just finished creating a beautiful work space for me in an old dairy barn on our farm. All it needs now is electricity!

What do you like best about having an Etsy shop?

Love Birds Cake Toppers
In love with these adorable
Love Birds Cake Toppers!
The best part of having an Etsy shop is the ability to create and sell unique pieces that I hope people will keep forever. On a personal level, it is the perfect set up. I am able to stay home with my 3 kids, and work at the same time.

Any new projects/designs in the pipeline?

I am constantly trying to create new products, and I have found that clients, friends, and family are a great inspiration. Often time, I can assist in creating their special piece from just a simple sketch or idea. 

Daddy Here Comes Mommy Sign
"Daddy, Here comes Mommy" Sign,
a popular seller

Do you ever suffer from "designer's"-block? If so, what do you do about it?

The occasional ‘designers’ block’ can certainly be a challenge. However, I keep a notebook of ideas, and simply play around with a few until something “feels” right. 

What's the best piece of advice given to you about running your shop?

The best piece of advice given to me about running my shop is don’t sell yourself short – each unique gift or product has value beyond the material it is made of. You created it... 

If Hollywood made a movie about your life, whom would you like to see play the lead role as you?

If Hollywood made a movie about my life, I’d like to see Reese Witherspoon play the lead role as me.

Keepsake Box with Child's Handwriting
For Mom... a Keepsake Box hand burned
in your child's handwriting! 

Who is your dream customer? 

My dream customer would be the person asking me to design multiple pieces for his/her wedding. Everything from the place cards and table décor, to keepsake boxes, gift bags, and cake stand...everything!

What is your favorite food/favorite restaurant? 

My favorite food is ice cream (Homemade brand Cookies ’N Cream!) Chinese food is a close second!

If we looked in your refrigerator right now, what would we find? 

If you looked in my refrigerator right now, you would find milk, juice, fruit, cookie dough, yogurt, cold cuts and cheese! I was a Registered Dietitian before having kids, so I try to keep things healthy for them! That being said, I won’t comment on what’s in the pantry!

Thank you so much to the creative and hard-working Jenny for sharing a little bit about herself and letting us enjoy her beautiful Etsy shop!

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Flower Girl Wand, Mason Jar Guest Book Alternative, Ring Security Suitcase
L-R: Flower Girl Princess Wand; Mason Jar Guest Book Alternative;
 Ring Bearer "Ring Security" Suitcase