Friday, July 29, 2011

I've Been Blogged!

A momentus event has happened for Sadie Bloom Designs in the world of Etsy treasuries. A treasury I created has been blogged in the EtsyKids Treasury Team's Blog. Woo-hoo!

What is the EtsyKids Treasury Team, you ask? First off, EtsyKids is a group of talented shop owners on, whose shops primarily sell items for babies, toddlers and kids (everything from frilly hot pink baby boomers to realistic stuffed felt banana toys). EtsyKids Treasury Team is a small group of those shop owners who create beautiful, themed treasuries on behalf of EtsyKids. A treasury, on Etsy, is like a collage of items from different shops, usually with a common theme or color; these treasuries are available for everyone to see. They're also a way of promoting shops, items or teams, like EtsyKids.

So that's your Etsy treasury lesson for the day. Sit back, click on the link and enjoy a little SoCal beach time...

EtsyKids Treasury Team: Sadie Bloom Designs on Etsy - SoCal Beach Camping

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