Thursday, November 10, 2011

Days 8, 9 & 10 - Thirty Days of Thanksgiving

We've reached days 8, 9 and now 10 of 30 Days of Thanksgiving. This challenge has yet again beat my be-hind. To make up for it, I'll talk about something I'm hugely thankful for:

Miss Sadie Lady

Sadie's Glamor Shot
My husband and I adopted Sadie from the San Clemente-Dana Point Animal Shelter in 2003. She was found with her siblings (all with black fur!) dumped down a touristy street in San Clemente, CA. When we first met her, she was very shy, skinny and had a bad case of ear mites (ew!).

She enjoyed hiding in the computers her dad would assemble.
Kitten Sadie in deep thought.

Resting, presumably after climbing UP THE WALL, to the ceiling (jute wallpaper).

With time, she developed into the sweetest, most loving, most obedient kitty cat (our "furbaby"). She comes whenever she's called, and understands the word, "No." She has some funny peculiarities, too. She'll drown her toy mice in the water bowl. She also loves feather teasers, which she'll track down, drag and drop to our feet, then let out monstrous meows for attention. She also makes sure to bring one of her feather teasers with her to bed, no fail!

This past year has been a challenging one for Sadie. She's been dealing with Irritable Bowl Disease. We didn't know what the problem was until she got officially diagnosed with it just last month, after a terrible flare up. She spent three days at the pet hospital, after her regular vet sent her there for intense treatment. I was a complete wreck. Sadie was seen by the best animal medicine specialists in Orange County! (You should've seen the other pet parents - Bentleys, dripping in diamonds, you name it!) She's now on a hypoallergenic diet and takes daily meds. The important thing is that she's back to her sweet self!

Sadie's been a true blessing to my and my husband's lives, and we are eternally thankful.


Angela Andrieux said...

She looks like a sweetie! I'm so glad she is doing well.

Marisa said...

Thanks, Angela. : )