Saturday, December 10, 2011

Hidden House Coffee... My Weekend Escape

I'll admit it - I'm a total creature of habit. One of those habits is driving down to San Juan Capistrano each weekend with the hubs to Hidden House Coffee, a coffee house in the Los Rios Historic District (across from the train depot).

Hidden House (pic from Facebook page, because mine isn't this good!)

One of the most awesome things about Hidden House is that it's a real coffee house's located in the old Olivares home, built in 1900. With it's quaint size and warm, homey decor, it's like visiting old Aunt Millie, who can pull one mean ristretto.

Their service is always top-notch. It's family-owned and operated, so it's always the same, smiling faces with each visit.

In addition to excellent espresso drinks, they also offer a small breakfast/lunch menu, fresh-baked pastries & baked goods, and a variety of ice cream flavors for the kiddies (or hubbies, if they had bubblegum ice cream in stock).

Always Art with Your Coffee... One time my friend got a buffalo, they said...
(pic from Facebook page, because, again, mine isn't this good!)
If you're ever in town visiting the Mission or taking the train through SoCal, definitely stop by Hidden House Coffee... one of South Orange County's gems. I know I'll be back... next weekend.

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