Wednesday, August 21, 2013

My Fiddle Leaf Fig (Ficus Lyrata) & Our Love-Hate Relationship

Fiddle Leaf Figs (Ficus Lyrata) seem to be the "it" plant right now. They're splashed all over the pages of Pinterest, Houzz, Apartment Therapy, designers' websites, home catalogs and magazines. There's no denying why: Fiddle Leaf Figs are gorgeous! They add plenty of color and interest to a room's d├ęcor. Now keeping them gorgeous... that's a whole other ballgame.

I picked up my Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree from a local nursery in South Orange County (one recently visited by Bravo TV's Jeff Lewis). It's planted in a 14 1/2-inch pot, and cost a pretty penny. Here's a photo of when we first brought our baby home:
ficus lyrata
See the beautiful, big shiny leaves? Not a speck of brown. Anywhere.

Fast-forward three months. Here's our Fiddle Leaf Fig today:
fiddle leaf fig tree, ficus lyrata
Looks good from a distance, doesn't it? Look more closely:
Ficus Lyrata, brown spots
Ficus Lyrata
Unsightly brown spots all over the bottom portion of my tree's leaves. Eek!

They say Fiddle Leaf Figs are hardy and difficult to kill. Whomever said that must have ingested the toxins from this plant (yes, they're moderately toxic, although there's no definitive answer on the toxicity level of these plants). Just give them plenty of light, monthly fertilizing and let them dry out between waterings. Check, check and check.

I've researched this brown-spotting phenomenon online (GardenWeb, Google searches) and have spoken with nurseries. It could be the following:
  • Overwatering (it gets an abundant 3 1/2 cups of tap water weekly, given after the first few inches of soil are dry);
  • Under-watering (it only gets 3 1/2 cups of tap water weekly);
  • Too-little light (doubtful);
  • Over-chlorinated tap water (we have over 500 ppm - seriously gross Southern California water); or
  • You're just out of luck (thanks, Lowe's).
For now, my plan of attack is lengthening the time between waterings, waiting for the top leaves to begin wilting before watering.

I've invested too much time and money in this relationship to let it go. Just as Shania Twain sang, you're still the one, my Fiddle Leaf Fig...

Any ideas what's afflicting my tree? Perhaps some other sob stories?

Thursday, May 16, 2013

13 Ideas for a Coral, Mint, Peach and Pink Wedding

Warmer temps and cool breezes make muted citrus colors perfect for a late Spring, early Summer wedding. These shades are darker than the soft pastels of Spring, but more mellow than the vibrant shades of Summer. Mint, pink, peach and coral is a popular color combination for weddings this time of year, and definitely one of my favs!

Citrus Color Palette for Late Spring & Early Summer Wedding

Here are 13 of my favorite ideas for a mint, pink, peach and coral wedding!

Paper Goods

Who says you can't pick out your own bridal shower invitations? (Never hurts to leave some not-so-subtle hints, too!) Etsy seller Haute Chocolate Favors offers this adorable cake invitation. Let them eat cake, coordinating in your wedding colors, of course.
Peach & Mint Vintage Inspired Bridal Shower Invitation.
These adorable pink, coral and mint wedding invitations are creations of Etsy seller Runk Pock Designs (cute name, don't you think?). Too, too perfect!
Classic Vintage Flowers Wedding Invitation Set by Runk Pock Designs

The Dress

Bridal Gown
I love this gown. This white lace, A-line gown is gorgeous enough, but to add the pink sash? Swoon! (No idea who makes it - if you know, pass it on so I can add a link!)

Bridesmaid Dress
The Dessy Group pulls through again! This coral duchess satin cocktail length dress with rolled flower accents is adorable, and complementary to all body types! It also comes full length, for more formal occasions.
Dessy Coral Bridesmaid Dress, Style 2780, in Ginger


Add some pizzazz to a bridal ensemble with cute, colorful shoes! These pink Valentino bow shoes are to-die-for, as are the coral-and-white polka dot pumps
Valentino Couture Bow Platform Pump


So romantic! This beautiful bouquet, designed by Los Angeles-based floral designers Oak & The Owl, features Garden Roses, Calla Lily, Dutch Tulip, Dusty Miller, Coral Charm Peonies, and Ranunculus.
Peach Wedding Bouquet, Floral Design: Oak & The Owl , Photography: Lane Dittoe
Aisle Decor
Mini-bouquets in glass containers add special touches to an aisle. This bunch was arranged by Maria Philbin Floral Design, based in Santa Rosa, CA. Don't you just love the coral-colored Dahlias?   
Aisle Flower Arrangement, Floral Designer, Maria Philbin Floral Design; E&B Photography


Comfy seating during the Cocktail Hour and on is a must. Check out this collection of citrus-colored couches... A detail guests would definitely enjoy (especially after a night of celebratory libations)!

Table Setting
The quintessential tablescape! Bouganvilla, Coral Peonies, and real peaches in an antique wooden box... just so gorgeous! 

Coral, Pink & Peach Table Setting
Floral Design by Stemz; Rebecca Wood Photography
Coral Peonies & Roses Reception Table Arrangement
Floral Design by Stemz; Rebecca Wood Photography
Small arrangements of citrus-colored Peonies and Roses in painted mint julep cups can act as place cards, table arrangements and favors. 
Favors, Peonies & Roses in Mint-Colored Painted Julep CupsSouthern Living Magazine; Floral Design by Blossom Events; Photo by Laurey W. Glenn

Family Photo Table
Personalize your reception decor with wedding photos of family members. Makes for a great conversation piece! This photo is from my wedding, and featured wedding photos of my grandparents and our parents. These now sit in my craft room, as inspiration when I create wedding pieces for my Etsy shop, Sadie Bloom Designs!
Photography by Richard Wood Photographics; Harvest Inn, St. Helena, CA

Do you love these colors as much as I do? 

Pinterest Quick Reference!

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Peacock-themed Weddings... Swoon!

Peacocks are such lovely and graceful birds. Their colors... vibrant teal, green and purple... swoon! It only seems appropriate that they'd be incorporated with such beautiful occasions as weddings! (A television network? Not so much.) 

Here are some of my favorite finds for an elegant peacock-themed wedding.
The peacock, Pavo Cristatus, in its natural habitat.

Paper Goods

Save-the-dates and invitations set the tone for your wedding. They're the first introductions to guests about what to expect for your big day. How would you like to have this beauty show up in your mailbox? (I would die, then go shopping for the perfect matching dress!) This quintessential peacock invitation from Vintage Invites would loudly proclaim to guests, "This wedding is going to knock your socks off... better buy a nice gift!"
peacock wedding invitation purple turquoise green feather
The Sophie Paris Vintage Peacock Wedding Invitation
Menu/Place Setting
These jeweled peacock menus created by Simply Posh Design are exquisite. They feature Swarovski crystals, hand-dyed silk ribbon and peacock feathers, and were created for the winning couple on VH1's "Tough Love Couples: The Wedding Episode." Just gorgeous.

Peacock Feather Menus, Simply Posh Designs
Pam Scott Photography

The Dress

The elegant draping of this La Sposa strapless organza ball gown almost mimics how the feathers fall on a peacock. (It's also beyond gorgeous!) The drop waist is perfect for adding a peacock-feathered sash. Look at the train... stunning.

La Sposa Misouri, 2013 Glamour Collection


Bridal Sash
Sadie Bloom Designs offers a purple satin fabric flower peacock-feathered bridal sash, with a large, blingy rhinestone center. Two curled peacock feathers finish the look. The "Elise" Sash is one of our most popular pieces!
bridal fabric flower floral peacock feather sash belt
Elise Bridal Floral Purple Peacock Sash, on Etsy

Aren't these peacock turquoise heels just fierce? Etsy seller Norakaren offers these - and a plethora of - hand-dyed, hand-painted peacock feather bridal shoes. Talk about perfect!
Norakaren Peacock Wedding Shoes


For The Men
Green hypericum berries, ivy leaves, purple statice and a peacock feather make this boutonniere a simple and elegant choice for the groom and his groomsmen.
Peacock Feather Boutonniere

Aisle Decor
Attention to detail makes a wedding extraordinary. These bouquets of green hydrangea, lavender orchids,  purple lisianthus and single peacock feather would make the perfect backdrop as the wedding party marches down the aisle.
Peacock-themed Wedding Aisle Decor Flowers
Peacock Wedding Aisle Decor, Melissa Jill Photography 

The Cake

Last but not least, the cake. This peacock feather cake, created by San Francisco's Cake Coquette, features four tiers of scrumptious wedding cake art. So detailed, so beautiful!
Peacock Feather Wedding Cake, Cake Coquette, Melissa Bagley Photography

Are you a fan of peacock-themed weddings, too? Swoon...

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Black and White Weddings - Elegant and Ultra-sophisticated

Black and white color combinations are a huge trend in weddings right now, a trend that I love-love-love. Crisp and clean, it adds that extra bit of elegance and sophistication to the big day. Here are some of my favorite finds for the perfect black and white wedding affair.

The Dress

If ever there were a black and white gown, this would be it! Part of Alfred Angelo's 2013 Collection, this black and white wedding dress features black embroidered lace, black organza flat flowers, rhinestones, sequins and crystal beading. (It's affordable, too!)

Bridal Accessories

The Shoes

Forget the traditional white bridal shoes! (Remember the plain white ones with the fat heels? Ew!) These Valentino Black Lace Couture Bow d'Orsay Pumps are hot, hot, hot, and can be worn well after the big day (though changing to flats during the reception might be a more comfortable option!).
Bridal Sashes

Bridal sashes are another big trend right now. Sadie Bloom Designs offers two black sashes... Our "Dita" Sash features a 4 1/2-inch fabric flower with alternating black chiffon and lace, topped with a silver rhinestone flourish, on a black satin sash.
"Audrey" is an opulent 6-inch organza bloom, surrounded by black ostrich feathers, topped with a 40mm silver rhinestone embellishment, on a two-inch wide black sash.
Black Fabric Flower Bridal Sash Belt
Audrey Bridal Sash - Black Organza Fabric Flower, Ostrich Feathers

Paper Goods


These black and white polka dot wedding invitations are beyond adorable. They add a little bit of whimsy to the formality of black and white.

 A simple black and white-striped ribbon tied around the menu and napkin adds a sweet detail to a reception table. Add a sprig of rosemary or lavender for a teeny pop of color.

Bridal Party

There are plenty of black and white dress and accessory options for the bridal party. This Dessy Collection one-shoulder, full-length white matte satin with black crochet lace bridesmaid dress is stunning, and complementary to many body types.
White Satin Black Lace Full Length One Shoulder Bridesmaid Dress
Dessy Collection Bridesmaid Dress, Style 2850
Floral sashes are a must for a flower girl's ensemble. Sadie Bloom has a too-cute flower girl black and white polka dot floral sash and matching headband. The "Gigi" Flower Girl Sash and "Colette" Headband both feature a white satin fabric flower with hand-sewn black beads, on beds of sparkly black tulle sprays.
Flower Girl Black and White Polka Dot Sash and Headband
Sadie Bloom Designs' Gigi Flower Girl Sash and Colette Headband

To see more of our favorite black and white wedding finds, jump on over to Sadie Bloom's Wedding Pinterest Board!

Stay tuned for our favorite peacock wedding trends!

What are some of your favorite black and white wedding finds? Did you have a black and white wedding?