Thursday, April 10, 2014

18 Top Picks for a Romantic Champagne, Silver and Blush Wedding

Champagne, silver and blush... so sophisticated, so romantic! They evoke such a vintage feel. What better place than a wedding to use such an exquisite color combination!

Pantone Champagne 467 EC; Pantone Silver 13-4403 TCX;
Pantone Pearl Blush 12-1207 TCX

Bridal Gowns

Blush and champagne-colored gowns have been growing in popularity as an alternative to the traditional white gown. (When you hear "blush," do you think of Shelby's colors "blush and bashful" in the movie "Steel Magnolias?") Actress Reese Witherspoon donned a beautiful pink blush gown in her 2011 wedding. Designers on the Spring runways now always seem to include at least one sparkly pink or champagne beauty in their collections.


Golden Peonies are perfect for this color scheme. Add some Gold Carraway Compote Vases with rose gold mercury glass finish on the reception tables, and... perfection.


Incorporate some extra touches of color and romance with hair flowers, fascinators, sashes, and of course, the shoes!

T-B: Sadie Bloom Designs' "Lavinia" Silver Satin Flower Fascinator;


Have your heart set on wearing a white or ivory gown? Let your girls shine in the golden tones. Check out these adorable dresses... cute enough to wear again!

Flower Girl

One of the cutest champagne-colored flower girl dresses out there is made by Etsy Seller Olivia Kate Couture. Add a Sadie Bloom rhinestone hair flower to it, and you're set!
L-R: Olivia Kate Couture's Aurelia in Champagne; Sadie Bloom's "Blanche" Rhinestone & Pearl Hair Flower


Last but not least, the cake. Piping, pearls, ribbons and fresh flowers are all perfect ways to adorn these confectionery wonders with your colors. Display them on an ornate sterling silver cake stand, and voila! Flavoring, too... who doesn't love a champagne cake!
L-R: Luisa Galuppo Cakes; Disney Weddings at The Grand Floridian

Are you planning a blush, champagne and silver wedding? Just had one? Feel free to share photos with us!

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Sunday, March 30, 2014

Update: How I Fixed my Fiddle Leaf Fig

So beautiful, yet so challenging... After months of nail-biting trial-and-error, I think I've cracked the code with finding out what makes my Fiddle Leaf Fig tree tick.

To refresh your memory, here are some photos of our tree, from bringing our baby home from the nursery, to last August, when things were at their worst:
Baby Fiddle Leaf Fig

My Unhappy Fiddle Leaf Fig

More Sadness from My Fiddle Leaf Fig
I'm happy to report this tree is on the mend. Here's my beauty today:
Growing, Growing, Growing
Maybe not as thick as it used to be, but it's growing, and seemingly happy and healthy. Here's how I did it:

  • Watering every two weeks, with 3/4 or so of a gallon of water. (If the Santa Ana's are blowing and making everything dry, I water a few days sooner.) I water it outside on the patio, and keep it there a few hours to let everything thoroughly drain.
  • Fertilizing every month with MiracleGro Singles, one packet per gallon of water. It's a 24-8-16 ratio, which apparently is great for this plant.
  • Rotating it, to encourage balanced growth.
  • Dusting it, once a week, for optimal light absorption in my could-be-brighter spot.
Baby leaves started popping up a few weeks ago, and grew like gang-busters (see the outer-edges of the plant in the photo above). There's a snag, though. Of course! Do you see it?
Baby Fiddle Leaf Fig Leaves with Red Spots
Little red spots dotting the new leaves. The consensus on GardenWeb is that these spots were caused when the leaves were forming; damage had occurred to the cells due do severe moisture stress (oops). Thankfully, as the leaves grow, the spots are seeming to fade, almost disappearing.

So that's that. Apparently these trendy, prehistoric-like statement plants can be managed. Fingers-crossed things continue! How are your Fiddle Leaf Figs fairing?